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I Have Found The One I Love Beach Wedding

(Available in Rustic Pearl Tone or Rustic Earth Tone Design)

I Have Found The One I Love Beach Wedding Ceremony

is exactly what you've been searching for! You have found your "true love," your "soul mate," the one your heart seeks after, lives for and cherishes. 


This romantic, rustic beach wedding theme is all about bringing the Song of Solomon Scripture passage to life and inspiring every couple to embrace, esteem, hold to and treasure their "once in a lifetime" true love. Love is such a small word used to express a value and ideal so immensely powerful. Love is the whole of your being connecting and interweaving you and your soul-mate forever in eternity.


Nothing is sweeter than love, nothing stronger, nothing higher, nothing wider, nothing more pleasant, nothing more fulfilling in heaven or on earth! True love is the gift of God. 



I Have Found The One I Love, Beach Wedding Ceremony Includes:

  • Eight pole bamboo arbor

  • Rustic, earth-toned bamboo or pearl-toned bamboo)

  • Batiste Sheer fabric

  • Your One I Love sign

  • Your One I Love easel

  • Your One I Love floral arrangements

  • Lovely keepsake wedding vase

  • Professional Alabama beach wedding officiate

  • Professional Alabama beach wedding photographer

  • Romantic Alabama beach wedding unity sand ceremony

  • Lovely keepsake beach wedding vase

  • 100+ Free beach wedding photos

  • Full-Resolution download with print release for beach wedding photos

  • Online Alabama Beach Dream Wedding photo gallery

  • Onsite complimentary wedding ceremony rehearsal 

  • Notary of Alabama Marriage Certificate

  • Unlimited consultation via phone, text and email correspondence

  • Delivery, set-up, and clean-up of beach wedding ceremony location

  • Alabama Beach Dream Wedding site preparation

  • An exclusive list of vendors that we recommend exclusively for hair,

  • makeup, lodging, restaurants, spas and more.

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