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Rustic Shabby Chic Beach Wedding

If you aspire to turn heads on your beach wedding day, then the Shabby Chic beach wedding has been fashioned with you in mind. Express your chic flair on the beach with our unique, one-of-a-kind,

Shabby Chic Beach Wedding Ceremony 

The Shabby Chic commands the attention of family, friends, and guests with its distressed, antique white bamboo arbor, its charming, vintage floral arrangements, and its sheer batiste fabric flowing in the breeze.


The Shabby Chic's distressed chandelier and four fashionably aged lanterns produce it's signature weathered look, and boldly suggest your chic theme.


We've also included the "Ain't Love Grand" distressed sign which acts as a focal piece to set this package apart.                                                     



Shabby Chic Beach Wedding Ceremony Includes: 

  • Eight poles distressed bamboo beach arbor

  • Sheer batiste sheer flowing beach wedding

  • Elegant vintage chic crystal chandelier

  • Shabby Chic pastel flower arrangements

  • Shabby Chic Burlap tiebacks

  • Four vintage rustic beach wedding lanterns

  • Wooden wedding sign "Ain't Love Grand!"

  • Lovely keepsake wedding vase

  • Professional Alabama beach wedding officiate

  • Professional Alabama beach wedding photographer

  • Romantic Alabama beach wedding unity sand ceremony

  • Beautiful keepsake beach wedding vase

  • 100+ Free beach wedding photos

  • Full-Resolution download with print release for beach wedding photos

  • Online Alabama Beach Dream Wedding photo gallery

  • Onsite complimentary Alabama Beach Dream wedding ceremony rehearsal 

  • Notary of Alabama Marriage Certificate

  • Unlimited consultation via phone, text and email correspondence

  • Delivery, set-up, and clean-up of beach wedding ceremony location

  • Alabama Beach Dream Wedding site preparation

  • An exclusive list of recommended vendors exclusively for hair, makeup, lodging, restaurants, spa, and more.

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