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Solution-Focused Counseling

Premarital Counseling


No doubt about it, getting married is a major decision. While entering into a marriage is generally a time of celebration and great joy, it is also a time that requires a lot of adjustment. Both the bride and groom are sure to encounter unanticipated stresses and frustrations. In order to minimize these occurrences, a bride and groom would be wise to seek online premarital counseling before the wedding day.


Contrary to the purpose of most forms of counseling which address already-existing problems, premarital counseling aims to prevent the problems from arising in the first place. For this reason, many engaged couples participate in online premarital counseling sessions during the months before the wedding.


In some cases, online premarital counseling involves a single session; in other cases, there may be several sessions. Online counseling sessions are private, convenient and more affordable than traditional counseling which is particularly useful for engaged couples on a budget.


The process of online premarital counseling is intended to explore areas of compatibility in a relationship while identifying potential problem areas before they become major issues. The typical areas that are addressed include financial management, parenting styles, issues of faith, family backgrounds, sexuality, and other personal concerns.


Some ministers require couples to undergo premarital counseling before agreeing to perform the wedding ceremony. Minister On Call can conveniently conduct your counseling sessions online. If desired, your Minister On Call Counselor may also be available for a one-year checkup after the wedding.


Not all couples seek online premarital counseling, but those who do typically report that they are better prepared for marriage. They also claim to be better equipped to handle conflicts that may arise after the wedding.


You have nothing to lose, and it could greatly enhance your marriage.

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