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Solution-Focused Counseling

Fee Schedule


Biblical and Spiritual Solution Focused Counseling offers a variety of biblically based professional counseling services for individuals, couples, and families on a long or short-term basis.


We are dedicated to providing timely, affordable, Christ-centered counseling to those experiencing emotional or spiritual pain and desire a safe place for healing. Our goal is to prepare, equip, and empower individuals to discover the transforming power of Christ as a means to heal wounded souls and improve relationships. 


Life is unpredictable at times. It has beautiful sweet moments that God blesses us with. But life also has moments when we ask why. We want to come alongside you at your point of need and journey with you through the process of healing, recovery, and growth. We do this by providing affordable, solution focused Christ-centered counseling.




$90.00 per session (30 minutes)

payable in advance


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