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Beach Dream Weddings On The Sand, Beach Weddings, Elopements, and Vow Renewals Beach Wedding Photos Included! Alabama Beach WeddingsOrange Beach Weddings,

Gulf Shores Beach Weddings and Alabama Gulf Coast Beach Weddings 


Your Beach Wedding Plans Start Here  - Free Beach Wedding Photos -  With Every Beach Wedding 

Free Beach Wedding Pictures 

Brides, your bridal bouquet will fade but your beach wedding photos will last you a lifetime.


We want you to remember and relive every cherished moment of the joy, romance, and the love you felt on your beach wedding day.


Beach Dream Weddings provides free photos with every beach wedding, vow renewal, and elopement. 


Rustic Story-Book Fashioned Beach Wedding Exudes That Soft Whisper Of Casual

Elegance and Timeless Refinement. Read more


1) Download your Alabama Marriage Certificate HERE.
2) Print your Alabama Marriage Certificate, fill it out, and bring it with you.
3) Also bring a $73.00 Cashiers Check or Money Order (only) made payable to the Baldwin Judge of Probate

Beach Dream Weddings, LLC will Notarize your beach wedding marriage certificate free of charge. You simply mail your marriage certificate and cashier's check or money order to the probate office where it will be filed and recorded. It doesn't get any easier than this. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact Pastor Glenn Henson at Beach Dream Weddings, LLC. Email, Text or Phone 251-504-0368

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Alabama Gulf Coast Beach Weddings Provides Couples With Budget-Friendly Christian Or Non-Religious Beach Weddings On The Sugar-White Sand Beaches Of The Scenic Gulf Coast.


Whether Casual Or Formal, We Offer You The Elegance Of A Big Expensive Wedding At A Small Affordable Price. Sunset Beach Weddings, Romantic Beach Wedding Elopements, Meaningful Vow Renewals On The Beach. 

Always dreamed of eloping to the Beach? Stop dreaming and make your beach elopement a reality today! Skip all the elaborate, time-consuming details and seal the wedding deal at the beach.
Re-commit to your relationship by expressing your enduring love for one another. Commemorate an important milestone, such as a significant wedding anniversary or a significant personal occasion.
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Money-Saving Beach Wedding Ideas

Plan Your Beach Wedding On A Week Day - Mon-Thurs.  The cost-effective benefits of a weekday beach wedding cannot be overstated. In addition to the reduced cost of your beach wedding during the week, lodging cost less, and the beach isn't nearly as crowded on weekdays.


Planning your beach wedding during the week will significantly enhance your chances of having the romantic, intimate beach wedding you've always desired.    Read more

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DESIGN YOUR OWN BEACH DREAM WEDDING - A sunset wedding on the beach that's perfect, truly romantic, and simply beautiful with an affordable price tag! Get in on the newest trend in beach weddings. Simple, affordable, and unique, your wedding is designed by YOU tailored specifically for your relationship! Call 251-504-0368

SEARCHING FOR AN AFFORDABLE BEACH WEDDING PLANNER? We don't know what your budget is, or what "affordable" looks like to you, but don’t worry. Beach Dream Weddings can provide you with an unforgettable beach wedding ceremony at an affordable price. We understand that many couples are on limited budgets. We offer you a variety of beautifully coordinated beach wedding designs to fit your financial and beach wedding planning needs. Call 251-504-0368

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Beach Wedding Planning - Where To Start

Start With Trust - Trust is the most important element in choosing a beach wedding provider. The last thing a bride and groom need to worry about when planning a beach wedding is the integrity of the beach wedding service they depend on for advice, direction, and trusting their money to. 


Safety In Numbers -  You will always make the right decision based on the positive experience of others. A great indicator of the trustworthy and dependable service of Beach Dream Weddings is what couples who have already trusted us in the past have to say about their beach wedding experience. You can read their reviews below.


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Beach Dream Weddings, LLC is an affordable, professional Beach Wedding Planner on the Alabama Gulf CoastBeach Dream Weddings has been active as a Beach Wedding Provider since 1992 specializing in affordable, budget-friendly Beach Weddings, Elopements, and Vow Renewals on the Alabama Gulf Coast.

Alabama Beach Weddings, Gulf Shores Alabama Beach Weddings, Orange Beach Weddings. Romantic Elopements & Vow Renewals On The Beach. Exchange your wedding vows on the beach with soft, warm sand underfoot and a gorgeous view of the ocean. Specializing in affordable Alabama Gulf Coast beach weddings, elopements, and vow renewals.


Free Beach Wedding Pictures With Every Beach Wedding 

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